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The Ozark Music Festival of Performers has announced that Missouri's traditional music will come to life when fiddlers, dance masters and other musicians perform in a series of concerts sponsored by the Ozarks National Scenic Riverways. Fiddler master Vesta Johnson will play a sampler of traditional fiddle melodies to kick off the series on June 3.

Teague is accompanied by Black River Grass, and if the performances of the past few years are any indication, the eighth-grader is the top-tier Missouri State. Lorna is an active member of the Bulldog Band and has represented her school in many academic competitions, including the Mathcounts Knowledge Master's Quiz Bowl. In seventh grade, Justin won the Ozark County High School Science and Technology Fair and Missouri State Science Fair. He is a graduate of St. Louis Public Schools and a former student at the University of Kansas.

The old Frisco depot also houses the Van Buren Visitor Centre, which provides information on other attractions in the city. Teague is a member of the Missouri State University Performing Arts Center's music school and is a student at the University of Kansas.

Built in 1901, the station is also the starting point for excursions on the Arkansas and Missouri Railroad. For more information about the Arkansas & Missouri Railway and other Missouri railroad lines, visit

All funds raised will go directly to families affected by autism in Branson, Missouri and surrounding areas. Applications can be made online or by calling 1-866-762-5555 or in person at the Arkansas & Missouri Railway office in St. Louis.

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The county was officially founded on March 10, 1859 and named after the pioneer settlers who came to Missouri from South Carolina in 1812. The Rock Island Railroad planted roots in the small town and what was once Gwynn, Ark. soon changed its name to Hartford in 1900. Like Hartford, Van Buren is a small town with a population of just over 1,000, roughly the size of Hartford.

In a little more than seven decades, the cooperative has expanded greatly and currently serves more than 1,000 students in high and middle school. In the 2018-19 school year, more than 2,500 students attend Van Buren High School, which serves 1,281 students. It has the largest elementary school - the all-day elementary school in Missouri and the second largest in Arkansas.

I had just returned from a long weekend there and had the singers for dinner at 10pm on Saturday night. The performance kept the audience all evening long with familiar fiddle melodies, which were demanded from the large repertoire of traditional music.

After the recording was complete, the band took the tracks to their beloved Trumble Hill Studios to record. And then we would head back to Arkansas. A hiker's dog and I drove down Skyline Drive looking for a sign for the trail. The road was closed and all that was left was a few hundred metres of dirt road and a few hundred metres of grass.

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More About Van Buren