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We have announced a partnership with the University of Missouri for 2020 - St. Louis School of Public Health and Human Services. We will meet to organize and promote the establishment of a Center for Humanities and Social Sciences at Vanburg High School. If you do not have time, but would like to help make the center a reality, please send a letter expressing your support and interest in the superintendent.

In just over seven decades, the cooperative has expanded greatly, and currently has more than 2,000 members in Vanburg, St. Louis County, Missouri. Dana Everts-Boehm is a member of the Missouri Cultural Heritage Center Board of Directors and serves as Executive Director, Director of Public Relations and Executive Vice President. In addition to volunteering, she has been a folk life specialist for three years and coordinates educational programs with the Kansas City Public Library and the University of Missouri Museum of Natural History.

Why you should go: Poplar Bluff, Missouri is more than shopping, medicine, dentistry and entertainment. Located in the River Valley, it is home to a variety of restaurants, bars, hotels, restaurants and retail stores. Leisure activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, horseback riding, golfing, hunting and fishing are also available in Carter County. Just a few miles south of St. Louis, between the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, this area is named after the unique impression it makes on visitors.

The 400-acre property where the spring is located was sold to the additional land surrounding it that belonged to Henry Clay Randolph and his son Thomas Tolman Randolph. Randolph was apparently interested in researching and documenting the Louisiana purchase. After leaving Poca Hollow and Van Buren as his legacy, he settled in what later became Pocahontas, Arkansas, leaving behind his family, wife and children.

After selling to John Estes, he sold the slaves to Willis A.J. Clinton of Arkansas as part of his slave trade. With the bills he received, Clinton went to Missouri and kidnapped slaves from Andrew Estees's home to sell to the family in the South.

To determine the slaves "whereabouts, Andrew Estes traveled to Van Buren, Arkansas, and filed a lawsuit to recover them. The Arkansas First District Court was established in Fort Smith, Missouri, where it operated until it was transferred to Fort Smith. On August 30, 1850, a farmer living on the Osage River in Miller County Missouri filed a Replevin letter with the U.S. Department of Justice in St. Louis County to recover property he believed had been illegally taken from Andrew. In 1928, the Missouri General Assembly authorized Fredrick Dunlap to be appointed the state's secretary of forestry. Paul Dunn first visited the region, including Carter County, in the early 1930s.

When the Missouri Lumber and Mining Company granted the current Frisco River branch in 1887, it brought the railroad to Carter County. Smugglers used Van Buren as a depot to bring whiskey into the country, bypassing military interference.

In the old depot, visitors can also take a look at the history of Van Buren and its border town. The best way to experience this history in the heart of historic Carter County is on a self-guided ride that takes place every spring.

Why you should go: The Ozark Highlands, located in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas, are an ancient landscape of nationally recognized streams. Located on the banks of the Missouri River and Jack O'Hara Lake, the Ozarks National Scenic Riverways preserve the free-flowing, scenic nature of the surrounding resources. It shows the rich history and cultural heritage of Van Buren and Carter County, as well as the natural beauty of this beautiful region.

Greer Spring, the second largest in Missouri, is considered the most pristine and scenic in the state, according to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Why you should go: The 3,415-acre park is a memorial to the Cherokee Indians who lost their lives in their forced displacement, and a place for visitors to take part in a variety of outdoor adventures. Van Buren is home to one of the most beautiful parks in Missouri, Greer Spring State Park. It consists of more than 2,000 acres of natural and cultural sites and is located just a few miles south of downtown St. Louis, the capital of Missouri.

The traditional arts curriculum was developed with appropriate funding from the Department of Culture of the US State Department. In the following decades, a trade association was formed to promote the historic downtown area, and the Van Buren Arts Center was established.

More About Van Buren

More About Van Buren